FOI Sponsorship Programs

Family Office Institute (FOI) aims to provide an effective platform for networking, collaboration, experience and knowledge sharing amongst family offices; connecting the right people or organizations to the members could be a meaningful way to help family offices achieve industry best practices and overcome operational challenges. FOI seeks to curate a limited number of sponsors that have strong relevance and create values to family offices. Attending FOI events provides excellent opportunities to collaborate and build long-lasting relationships with family office principals and C-suites. 

Examples of event formats – Workshop / Breakfast / Luncheon / Cocktail / Dinner / Seminar / Webinar / Outdoor events, depending on the nature of the sponsorship and target audience.

Corporate sponsorship (1 year)

Corporate Sponsors are not members but enjoy participation in FOI’s events and activities subject to arrangement predetermined by FOI and the sponsor.


– Allowing a bespoke approach and direct access to the target audience
– Attendance at every event
– Year-long presence of corporate logo on FOI website, social media and printed materials
– Participation and co-hosting of 2-3 events 
– Summary of event attendees

Event sponsorship (1 event)
As an event sponsor you will be able to share insights on a pre-determined topic with our members. 

– 1-2 speakers to join the event (depending on the event format)
– Networking at the event
– Summary of event attendees
– Presence in event marketing material
– Mention in newsletter and social media
Contact us for more details
Rasmus Kaarre
Email: rkaarre@foi.asia

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