Membership Benefits

Connect with peers

Regular small-group networking sessions that open only to qualified members and facilitate high-level idea exchange

Connect beyond your local community

With the use of technologies, FOI is committed to build a secure platform that allows the most candid and effective sharing for family offices around the world

Deal matching and talent recruitment facilitations

FOI facilitates the sharing of resources in deals and human resources amongst family offices

Other matching facilitations

From sharing of office space to pulling other resources, we'd love to be a facilitator - we understand how crucial it is to maintain a lean and effective operations in most family offices

Training and other educational resources

FOI partners with world-leading institutes to offer high-quality and practical educational programmes

Member-generated ratings and reviews on service providers

Considering to engage a private bank or a financial service provider? Members share authentic reviews to one another

Advisory Groups

Interest-based advisory groups chaired by seasoned members - from Fintech, Next Gen support, to succession planning - they help family offices grow, transition and transform

And many more...

Bespoke coverage, consulting, introduction to financial service providers, featured speech, to name a few - FOI caters to the various needs of family offices