1. Project MedTech

A great opportunity to invest in the largest digital chronic disease management platform in Asia (ex-China) with real world evidence and demonstrated efficacy. They are raising money to speed up expansion of their platform, from only diabetics to other chronic illnesses, such as cardio vascular and kidney disease. Their app captures patient data and let’s doctors utilize the data to more efficiently treat the patients. They are partnering with several of the largest pharma companies globally. They have a healthy cash balance. 

Valuation: $70 mm

Raising: $30-50 mm in a Series B+

Investment size: Negotiable

Projected revenue growth: $2.3 mm in 2021 to $5 mm in 2022

Action by 31.12.2021

2. Project E-commerce

The largest B2B commerce platform for MSME in Indonesia. They are raising a Series D round and eventually planning an IPO end of 2022. A great opportunity to take part of a pre-IPO business in an interesting and growing market. 

Valuation: $200 mm

Raising: $50 mm in a Series D

Investment size: negotiable

Revenue: $22 mm

Action by: 15.12.2021

3. Project Consumer Electronics

The company has created the world’s smallest computer that fits in the ear. The device enables wearers to listen to music, chat on the phone, post to social sites, converse with AI assistants, and remotely interface with a phone, apps, and other IOT connected devices, right from their ears. They are raising a seed round to take the product to the B2B market.

Valuation: $25 mm

Raising: $1.2mm

Investment size: negotiable

Location: USA

Action by: 1.12.2021

4. Project Supply Chain

The company offers SaaS and marketplace platforms with end-to-end supply chain & ecommerce enabling solutions for global retailers and manufacturers. They have signed major retailers and manufacturers on their platform. They are raising a Series B round to support their growth to the next level.

Valuation: $100 mm

Raising: $12 mm in a Series B

Investment size: negotiable

Location: Hong Kong

Revenue: $10 mm

Action by: 30.11.2021