Why More Family Offices are Eyeing Crypto

With large pools of capital to invest and a long-term horizon, family offices are increasingly looking toward digital assets. These assets can store wealth and provide diversification to portfolios. https://www.institutionalinvestor.com/article/b1tsxqjsfq8kzb/Why-More-Family-Offices-Are-Eyeing-Crypto

Why family offices are pivoting to ESG and High-Tech

While diversification is still the bedrock of stable returns in family offices, but the pandemic has presented a particular set of challenges to portfolio diversification.Next Gen is increasingly looking to ESG, SPACs, Crypto and other alternative options.  Read more at: https://www.asianinvestor.net/article/why-family-offices-are-beginning-to-pivot-to-esg-and-high-tech/472604

Beyond borders: Family offices for globally connected families

Explore some of the ways a family office can help meet the multiple and complex needs of international families.  Today’s wealthy families – and their businesses and assets – are often spread around the world. Assets and investments are diversified across geographies, industries and financial instruments. Businesses serve regional and global customers. Children work or …

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HK – A Leading Hub for Family Offices

Why Hong Kong? A Leading Hub for Family Offices – 2021 – A leading private wealth management (PWM) hub in Asia – Premier international asset management centre – Regional centre for philanathropy and sustainable finance – Ideal environment for Family Office operations See the InvestHK 2021 report for some insights

Invest HK – Family Office Support

Invest Hong Kong is setting up a dedicated team to offer one-stop support services to overseas Family Offices and will open a separate office at Fairmont House in Central on June 29 to help them set up business in Hong Kong. Read the article here.