Asia’s wealthy families are going through a time of transition.  Trading and manufacturing businesses are morphing into holding companies with growing investments in financial services, property and technology.  Some families have transformed their enterprises into significant public companies or are exiting their traditional businesses – moves which create large pools of liquid assets to be reallocated and managed.

Many families in Asia are going through generational shifts and seeing younger family members taking a greater role.  The involvement of the next generation can lead to evolving investment priorities and preferences, such as a greater focus on technology or green and sustainable assets.  As each family office matures, clear governance becomes vital.

Hong Kong is an important center for family offices in Asia because of its long-standing history of stewardship for Hong Kong’s own multigenerational wealthy families, Chinese mainland principals looking for diversification, and for international families interested in gaining exposure to Asian investment opportunities.

Family Office Institute is an independent organisation established to meet the evolving needs of family offices across Asia for information, new ideas and discussion amongst their peers.  Through thought leadership, access to experts and valuable content, we bring together family offices in the region to explore how to meet the needs of successive generations in changing business and market environments.

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